Friday, February 22, 2013

Beatrice the Owl

My neighbor has loved my sock owl Archibald for a long time. She brought me some socks and begged me to teach her. And thus...Beatrice was created!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Forts & Books

It tickles me to listen to them. Most of this book is memorized but when they get stuck Emma sounds it out! Sooo cute!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Friday, February 8, 2013

Poor tired post it note girl...

She loves post it notes... Almost as much as we enjoy finding her messages all around the house!! She is working hard and sometimes still needs a nap... : )

Thursday, February 7, 2013



The salvation of my children is something that I have prayed for since their birth!  It is something I yearned for...pleading with God for His mercy...for His love for them.  It is a constant struggle to remember WHO gave me these TRUST in His timing and control.
I find it rather amusing that I'd just been expressing frustration that he just didn't take salvation or spiritual things at all seriously.  And trust me I was looking for those teachable moments.  Yet...I was trying to hold myself back.  I didn't want him getting "inoculated" out of a fear of hell...or just praying some words to please me!

And God works in mysterious ways...So we know that it's all of HIM! 
In an odd convoluted conversation in the bathtub about Isaac and Abraham... Belly buttons and Hell....He cried and wanted to know how to be saved!! He was truly bothered by his BSF story...about Isaac being offered to God...about it's parallel to Christ dying on the cross.  We talked about all the sins that Jesus died for!

As is typical, he diverted the conversation...this time to his belly button.  He wanted to know why we all had one.  I figured the "moment" had passed.  I explained how he was connected to MomE in her belly by an umbilical cord that helped him get the food and energy he needed to grow.  When he was born DadE cut that cord and it became his belly button.  He's a MomE's boy and liked hearing how much I love him.

Then, he asked me if I could pray for his sins to be taken away.  I told him that it was something he had to do himself...that MomE had already told Jesus she was sorry for her own sins...and that I knew if I died He would take me to heaven to be with him forever.  He didn't like the idea of being separated from me.  I asked him where he'd go if he died that night?  He started bawling (very strange for a stoic little man like ours) and saying, "I'd go to hell" over and over...and "I do bad things!"
So we prayed together and he told Jesus he was sorry for his sins!! It really is true that it's not of us... It's all of God's grace and when they get it... They get it!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!

Of course, his understanding will have to grow.  He is only five after all.  He's still a bit concerned about the security of this decision.  He informed me that he thinks he'll still sin (I assured him he would indeed and that from now on the Holy Spirit would make him feel awful when he did)....and when he didn't obey yesterday and was punished for it...he was concerned about whether he was still going to heaven or not.  BUT...I know that the Holy Spirit is now in him...and as much as a five year old can understand...HE will start helping Caleb understand these things.  I'll do my best to explain and the Spirit will guide me too.  Phew...that certainly takes some of the pressure off!

I went back and found my post from the other wonderful day...when my Emma got saved...Here it is...Saved, not inoculated.