Sunday, October 31, 2010

A...B...C...Gorey Style!

Halloween is the perfect time to share with you the brilliant and somewhat dark works of Edward Gorey. He has a special brand of kiddie macabre that is filled with twisted humor. No worries...he himself is quoted as saying, “To take my work seriously would be the height of folly.”

The following is from his alphabet book The Gashlycrumb Tinies first published in 1963.

By Edward Gorey

A is for Amy who fell down the stairs.
C is for Clara who wasted away.
D is for Desmond thrown out of a sleigh.
E is for Ernest who choked on a peach.
G is for George smothered under a rug.
H is for Hector done in by a thug.
I is for Ida who drowned in a lake.
J is for James who took lye by mistake.
K is for Kate who was struck with an axe.
L is for Leo who swallowed some tacks.
M is for Maud who was swept out to sea.
O is for Olive run through with an awl.
P is for Prue trampled flat in a brawl.
Q is for Quentin who sank in a mire.
R is for Rhoda consumed by a fire.
S is for Sue who perished of fits.
T is for Titus who flew into bits.
V is for Victor squished under a train.
W is for Winnie embedded in ice.
X is for Xerxes devoured by mice.
Y is for Yorick whose head was knocked in.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Coming Soon to a Christmas Tree near You!

 We had a jolly time painting acorns and hot gluing.  They are little carolers.  It reminds me of the noodle angels my Mom made one year.  One of my favorite ornaments of all time.  I like the chubby pinecone boy...just his eyes are showing!  Hehehe!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Preach it, sister!

Emmer-bean has been "preaching it" lately.  She loves to carry her little green Gideon Bible around...and use it to boss her brother. *ahem*

Yesterday, while I was raking leaves I overheard her saying, "Now Calub, you see right here *pointing* says YOU SHOULD HELP MOME WITH THE RAKING."

"But I don't wanna wake the weaves!!" says Calubby

She sighs..."Oh, well...*sigh* then I guess you just aren't doing what the Bible says...and Calub...this is GOD'S WORD!"

I did have a good talk with her later....that it is important to do what the Bible tells us...and it's good to tell people what the Bible says...
BUT we need to make sure that we know what the Bible really says.  It is God's Word and we don't want to tell someone something about it that isn't true.

And, raking isn't in the Bible.  It does say,

"Children obey your parents, for this is right." *point* HERE....Eph. 6:1

and it does say, "Be kind one to another."  *point* HERE...Eph. 4:32

I had to stick with the New Testament...that's all that's in her little green Bible.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Leaf Waxing OR House Smokin'?

 It would seem that each year I forget...LOW heat....LOW LOW LOW...patience is a virtue that I really need to work on developing...
It smelled like burnt crayons...but at least it was warm enough to open the windows for a bit and air out!  Cool picture, eh?
 You'll need a large, deep skillet...a few chunks of paraffin wax (usually by the canning supplies at grocery), a stirring spoon...and a test leaf...notice this leaf has been cooked and shriveled on the end...yup, TOO HOT!
 When wax is barely warm...and leaves don't sizzle on contact...slowly dip into wax...
 lift up and allow to drip briefly....
 move to parchment paper to allow drying.   Then put them around your house for a festive touch!
NOW....we have a bowl FULL of acorns...the kids kind of got carried away with gathering a tuned...we'll come up with something cute to do with them!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall Food and Leaf Gathering...

 Here is an example of our SPLIT meals...I try to keep Lubby from becoming a picky eater, while maintaining his allergy dictated dietary needs.  That means that I either make things he can totally eat...or that I can barely alter so he thinks his is the same. 
This is a roasted vegetable penne bake...originally from my simple and delicious magazine...but seriously altered...
Cut the following into bite sized pieces.  3 small zucchini, 1 med. red pepper, 1/2 mushrooms, 1 small onion!  One can crushed tomatoes.  Coat with EVOO and 1 T. Italian Seasoning.  Bake @ 350 for about 15 minutes...THE HOUSE WILL SMELL WONDERFUL!  In the meantime, cook 2 cups whole wheat penne pasta.  Drain and Mix with roasted veggies.  If you're in our put half into a greased 9 X 13...and then put 1/4 c. motz. cheese, 1/4 parm. cheese mixed with the remaining half...and carefully put it in the other half of the pan.  Bake for 10 minutes!  YUMMO...split dinner. 
They really really REALLY wanted to use their new candy we went on a walk...
...and gathered gorgeous leaves!
AND lots of acorns too!  Gotta come up with something to do with those.
We used our crayon cakes from Uncle Jess...
...and made leaf rubbings... have to press really hard!
Gorgeous!  They turned out SO pretty!  I'll share wax details kitchen is rather  *cough, cough...smokey at the moment!  *sigh...I know, Low heat, low heat!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pumpkin Playdoh and Autumnal Papers...

Today we made pumpkin playdoh.  I do love my playdoh recipe*...given to me while student teaching.  Now, I'd like a list of no fail color directions.  I try to follow the directions on the back of the color box...*sigh*...Today's pale pumpkin is an adaptation of the Neon Apricot directions....
The really important people (Lubby and Emmer-bean) were pleased with the outcome!

We were sent a whole packet FULL of autumnal papers...from Grams.  It was a nice surprise!!
Lubbers in getting the hang of this cookie cutter thing.  He oughta be great slave labor help by Christmas cookie time!!
Emmer-bean was crackin' me up.  She was frosting her pumpkin cake...and singing.  Too cute!!!
"Oh Calub...leaves can be any color.  You don't need the red...make a purple one!"  "Emmuh, apples is red!  I need the red!!"
If you look very closely you can see the face he carved into this...Sorry..I couldn't make it come out any clearer!  He sure was concentrating.  Check out the eyelashes on the cutie!
Emmer found a solution the no "handle" problem.
*Playdoh Recipe:  3 cups flour, 1 1/2 cups salt, 3 cups water, 3 t. cream of tartar, 4 T oil, Food color.  Mix together on low heat...until it becomes playdoh. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Frenetics...

 I know, I know...not enough pictures on this blog....
 ...some weeks are like that...and Fall is Frenetic around here.  Fast, frantic, harried, or frenzied; having extreme enthusiasm or energy.
 ...I suppose you'll have to fire me. 
Some weeks...these cute little buggers are rotten!  And I can't very well take pictures of the multiple time they are disciplined and corrected throughout the day.  No one wants to hear that much whining or see that many tears!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Annual College Buddies Get-together!

We had yet another FABULOUS annual FALL get-together in Cinci!  Our friends invited us to their lovely home...and made lots of yummy food.  Venison stew...melted in your mouth!  Yummo!!
Our children are only a few months apart in age.  It was interesting to see that the girls and boys split up...even though their ages are that of their siblings.  My 5 year old and their 3 year old were purple twins!  Totally a coincidence too!
It was a WARM and BRIGHT day!  Have you noticed?  Emmer-bean does not like the sun in her face!
Here are our cuties...and B's brother and his adorable twins.  They were totally succulent and sweet!!
Mrs. M. gave the kids goodie bags...which included pumpkin straws (aka whistles).  It was deafening!
Here's one of my pumpkins...on a pumpkin!
Here we are with our two BIG carving pumpkins.
Emmer-bean was brave and got her face painted this year.  A cute little candy corn flower.  Awww!
Lubby-man loved this HUGE tractor!!

Here's my other pumpkin...trying to pick her pumpkin.  Man, they are heavier than they look!
We played "stick the eye on the ghost!"  It was hilarious!
It was a good time.  Perhaps the best thing about it...was watching our guys sit around and talk in their own special language.  To hear them share chem. stories with each ways that we as their wives would never understand...was totally worth the LONG trip!