Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Field Trip: Feast of the Hunter's Moon

 Since I'm so behind on blogging I should have lots of pictures to last me a while.
 I love chaperoning field trips.  This one is a re-enactment of a feast time between the Indians and French/English trappers.  The kids got to play old fashioned instruments.
 See blacksmiths...making weapons and tools.
 Learn about soap making.
 Learn about cheese making...goat cheese!
 Check out animal pelts!

 Saw one of our deacons, Fred, from church...dressed as a French militia I think.

 His knife pouch was made from chewed porcupine quills.  Very cool!

 And he had an antique hatchet!
 Saw some "Indians"...
 The original log building on the site.
 How wooden whistles are made on a manpowered lathe.
 Drum and Fife groups were all over.
 In the Indiana village...

This guy lit his pipe with a piece of glass...which was really cool.  Not that we want to teach that smoking is cool or anything was definitely interesting!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Artistic Emma

 God has really blessed Emma with artistic ability.  She went above and beyond on this map making unit.
 She and her brother spend a lot of time creating dragons with all their various stats, etc.  It was only natural that she would develop a land for dragons to live.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Turkey Run State Park

 Going to the park on a cold misty day is a great plan...You get the park to yourselves!
 Cool old steps!

 This rock formation is called the ice box.
 This very rugged trail was called the Ladders.  There were actual ladders off the cliffs down into the gorges below.  MomE doesn't like heights (it's really the fear of falling from them)...but we all made it safely and enjoyed the adventure!

 This was the girls deciding if they wanted to continue to go down the ladders.  CRRRAZEEE!
 Most of the trail was along the rocky stream bed.  This trail is only accessible certain times of year...for the obvious reason!  We heard turkeys way far above us!
 The suspension bridge was cool and MomE was relieved that it didn't move a whole lot!

 We saw a bald eagle fly by over the river...we waited to see if it would fly didn't.
If you look closely you can see a paper wasp nest.  It was about the size of a watermelon and about 50 feet above the gorge below!  WOW...glad it was bees!
 Calubby jogged the whole was hard to keep up with him!
 Emma humored MomE with selfies!  
 Taking family selfies is very fun.  Threatening to get DadE a selfie stick for Christmas.

 This was the narrowest point of the trail.  You had to walk sideways along the rock and follow hand holds along it very slowly!  Woooo...and as the kids said when we reached the other side...It was AWESOME!!

 My strong, brave, crazy people!  I love them!

 Ice box picture again...other angle.

 The boys marveling at God's creation!
 The reddest leaf I could find!

 Here's another picture of the narrow trail looking back the way we came.

 This is called the punch bowl.