Thursday, March 29, 2012

An off day...

DadE is SO fun!  On his first full day walking among the living not sleeping during the day he took the Sweet Boobahs to the Children's Museum to see the new LEGO exhibit...
....I thought they were just going downtown...but it seems they went to NYC...
...saw some trains and mountains...
...visited Kitty Hawk....
...and stopped in, I think it was SO fast that they didn't see Nana and Papa...tsk tsk tsk!
Then, they even went to dig for dinos... wonder they came home totally EXHAUSTED!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Rousing Game before you go!

DadE's current start-up schedule of 3 nights on and 3 going to be challenging for everyone.  But, there's nothing like a rousing game of family Angry Birds before you go!
I love that our weird little family uses such words as...trajectory....
We had issues this day...the trajectory was a bit off...and too many pigs lived to see another day!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What's that word??

As I sat on the shady screen porch I overheard...
..."You look like an indibiot with those in your hair!" said Caleb.
..."Yeah, I sort of do look like an Indian...they live in India or America...." replied Emma
Then Caleb said,..."No, no...not an Indian...what's that word when you look stupid...*aha* IDIOT!!"

After I regained my composure stopping giggling I went outside and took pictures...and reminded my Sweet Boobahs that the Bible says, "Be kind to each other!" Eph.4:32  That means...not calling people names.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Puppets

The kids got a new Highlights magazine today. Actually, they currently get High Five...cuz it's a little more age appropriate right now.  I got them when I was a little girl....and I still LOVE them.  I had been reading most of the book upside down (a skill I developed when teaching)...when we came to the page on puppets.
SO, we broke out the bags and markers...and had a puppet making party.
Emma is a serious artist...she considers her plan before working...Caleb...he just wanted something to color in...and even that didn't really hold his attention for long.
He was intrigued by the mechanical workings of puppeteering.  He can only work it if he looks at it.  So, here he is barking at his dog!  HAHA!
Emma did the front and back of her puppet...with purple spots colored in with brown...and a tail. 
This led to a discussion about playing pretend...cuz Caleb was NOT interested in stopping his play to add one.  I said, "If you can pretend it's a dog, you can pretend it has a tail too."  Then before you know it...they've gone over the creative deep end into deciding the puppet dog can go PRETEND potty outside.  Good Grief!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Mud Stew & Head Wounds!

Thanks for everyone's patience while I recovered from pneumonia. I'm pretty much back to my perky self but still run out of battery before I should...The Dr. said to be patient...she laughed when she said she knows me or something.  Humph!
Thankfully, we've enjoyed some simply gorgeous days...and the kids were able to play while I sat watching from the screen porch.  When they made a very yummy mud stew...I went and got my camera and sauntered out to capture the yumminess for ya'll.
When I got home last night from picking up my bridesmaid dress for my brother's wedding...a lovely head wound greeted me.  Evidently, while Darren was helping Emma out of her bath...Lubby was running around under tables...and cut his head on something a screw or something, I guess.  Typical boy...he hits his head a lot.
I was about to shave his head so I could get a bandaid to stick...but decided to call my Dad for first aid advice.  Since he's been an instructor for the Red Cross he's a pretty handy resource...even long distance.  He saved Caleb's hair...and advised putting a bit of Neosporen and a towel over his pillow case and let it scab over....since the bleeding had stopped.
Today, he woke up and was happy to see it much less swollen...and I told him about scabs.  He scooted downstairs and said, "Hey Dad...I got a Jesus Bandaid called a scab!"  Hehehe...isn't that neat!  PHew...