Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Future Missionaries, More Potsickles, & Fun Foods...

It was about 90 degrees and about 95% plus humidity...and my Sweet Girl was chilly as she waited for the kiddie pool to fill up. I asked her if she was going to grow up to be a missionary in Brazil...cuz the only other person I know who wears a sweater when it's sweltering outside is my Great Aunt Dot. She was a missionary in Brazil for around 50 years. Emma seemed tickled by this information. Oh, what a blessing to my heart that would be!!

Oh Dear God, please make her Your own...use her mightily for Your Glory!
There is nothing like a Potsickle on a hot hot day...drive your car over to our park & potsickle park! *smile*
I personally enjoyed this curly (grapes) headed dude with his big (apple) ears!! Cute!!
They were being so silly...in the hot HOT...that I just had to capture it for ya'll...they were pretending to be ducks...laying eggs...quaking up! Hardy har har!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Times...

We have jumped into the wonderful world of Potsickles, Pools, and lots and lots of outdoor Playtime. Sorry, I can't help the alliteration...it just happens to me. *smile*
Emmer-bean is growing her bangs out. Our hair stylist suggested it, due to her front cowlick...I was complaining about her having "two spins" to her head...and then our hair doin' friend pointed out that my hair does the exact same thing. *sigh* Poor kid.
Lubber man is so skeptical...it cracks me up. He spends a good hour just putting one foot into the pool and walking around it this way. It's cold...you can't get in too quickly, ya know!
Nothing thrills their little hearts more than a good vitamin delivery from Puritan's Pride...hahaha! I usually sort bottles, etc. They get the empties.
They are convinced that they are color mixing...because the water in those bottles is red, green, yellow and orange. HA! I tried explaining it was the color of the bottle, not the water but no one wanted to listen to me. So, I won't spoil the fun!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wordy Wednesday...

DadE: Hey, Caleb would you like to go to a BIG museum to see real airplanes for your birthday?

Caleb: YEAH...I wuv airpwanes...and trucks!

DadE: These planes are SO BIG they fill the whole buildings....as big as our house.

Caleb: No DadE, planes is wittle...in the sky...teeny (shows size with fingers)...way high up!!

DadE: *Surpressed laughter*...Well, you're sure in for a surprise!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lunch Time, Fun Time...

The Sweet Boobahs have loved the new food art I've been creating at lunch time each day. Now, they have stepped it up by requesting various things. Hey, I guess we Domestic Engineers must keep our creative juices flowing somehow, HA!

Today, Emmer-bean requested a princess. Notice the delicate cucumber crown and beautiful smile! I think she was immitating the princess grin!
Lubby-man requested a crocodile. Do you see the cucumber toothy grin? Yummo! The sweet boy's grin is pretty cute too!
We had Pot-sickles for dessert. Yes, we have dessert at lunch too. Hey, life's short! Speaking of which...it's naptime...where is that chocolate!?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Pickin' and a Grinnin'...

Our family went raspberry picking this weekend...
...and had a grand time! It was hot, sweaty and buggy...but that's part of the fun, right?
We got almost a gallon of berries in an hour. Some really BIG ones too! WOW!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!

To my most wonderful husband....
...and his sweet Dad...
...and my loving Dad...
AND...my Dad's Dad..."Papa"....

WE LOVE YOU...and appreciate the Godly men that you were and ARE today!!

*and a sad sigh...thinking about how much my Mom's Dad and my husband's grandfathers would have loved our little family!*

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Belated Tea Party Pics...

When the Sweet Boobahs stayed with Grandma and Grandpa they had a tea party! Here are the pictures! AWWW!
Grandma used full strength juice. WOWsers...MomE usually delutes all juice! Good stuff!
Notice the mini oreos...Lubby's favorite cookie...now tiny wee! I'm sure he was tickled!
Aren't they so cute? Come on...say yes!!
Oh, see the Sweet Little Lady pour out! Love it!
Grandma's are brave...real breakable dishes too! Thanks Grandpa for the pictures!

Monday, June 14, 2010


Grandma and Grandpa watched the Sweet Boobahs so MomE and DadE could celebrate their half-anniversary. Everyone had a great time!
We bought the kids magnifying glasses as presents when we were gone. Yes, I know, truly nerdy gifts...from nerdy parents...to soon to be nerdy kids! Believe it or not...that picture is NOT posed.
Aren't they so cute!?
Pretty lavender...has little bumblebees on it!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Poor Sweet Jess!

Jess sweetly indulges my little Boobahs! She read tiny golden books to Emma....
And to herself....
...until she realized she was trapped!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bloggy Debut.....*drum roll* JESS!

Well, my baby brother is finally old enough to have a girlfriend....*smile*! I just met her yesterday and she's lovely! I teased her that she totally met up to the hype!! I also told her that she'd be making her bloggy debut today! Hey, "to know me is to be blogged about"...er, or something like that!
Her siblings calls her Jessy....I was introduced to her as Jessica...but she's a JESS to me. She gave Emma a beautiful doll named Rose. She helped Emma braid her hair. *smile*
She's a Pre-K major...and has very wisely picked her future profession. My children love her...almost as much as UNCLE DAVE! My son talked to DadE on the phone yesterday...and told him that "Unca Jess is cool!"
Ya gotta love a good I SPY book!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Roasting Marshmallows...sort of...

Emma insisted she wanted to roast marshmallows at Grandpa's house. So, Grandpa and Uncle Dave patiently went to all the trouble...
Unfortunately, Emma got some smoke in her eyes...and was no longer interested. She wouldn't eat the squishy sticky marshmallows...but ate a raw one....*sigh*
Caleb practiced being a fireman...
Uncle Dave spun the kids in circles...very very fun!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Inside Playtime...

Our hotel did some searching and found a great inside place to play. They had a huge warehouse set up as a village. There was a road all around, a bank, a house, a grocery store, a school, a stage, a music room, an art gallery, a full sized submarine, a cafe, big bathrooms...it was WONDERFUL!

For my rainy day hotel ideas...go to Blogging Along!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lovely Late Night...

We had a day pass to the beach park...and Loverbrains was able to come home for the whole evening. So, we picked up some happy meals...(a real novelty for our kids)...
...and spent the evening at the beach. It was lovely!
The kids had such a good time with DadE...and it was more than I'd expected. Isn't God good like that?
Lubby was hilarious. He thought that the wet sand was easier to dig in...and couldn't figure out why it was so heavy! He'd get pretty upset about us trying to get him to dig in the dry sand.
We went to this little place for ice cream and shaved ice. They had a little wooden boat for the kid's to play in...and all the parent's standing about made sure that everyone got a change to steer!! HA!
True to the forecast it is POURING rain today. I do have a lead on a fun INDOOR place...but they don't open until 10...so we're watching Chitty BANG BANG...and painting pictures for our "nice ladies" downstairs at the reception desk.

All part of the adventure...little man had a major intestinal woe issue last night. We had to call down for new sheets and fabreeze. The girls were so nice and helpful! He seems fine today...I think he's not used to GREASY foods...*smiles*

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

MomE CAN read a map...woohoo!

After a brief jaunt to pick up DadE's rental and send him to work (poor guy)...MomE braved her trusty mapping skills and drove us to the beach for the morning. It was very F O G G Y!
The kid's wondered what "WATER" MomE was talking about...halloooo....any water out there??
We wrote in the sand with drift wood...and talked to walkers by...the one's without Ipods and with friendly dogs. One Mom and her kids gave me all sorts of ideas of what to do on the rainy days...yes, rain is forecast for the week ahead. *sigh* We chatted for quite a bit...and figured out that we were sister's in Christ...so very very neat! She actually invited me to her church's indoor playground...and tried to share Christ with me. It just thrilled me...and I tried to encourage her to keep on being friendly and share God's love with every one she met...even on misty moisty mornings!
MomE finally decided she was super unprepared for the day...not her style...but quick packing will do that to ya. SO, she packed everyone up and we zoomed down the street (to some older gentleman's directions...who when he said Right he meant Left...oh well)...and Wally World set us up with some sand toys, beach towels and lunchables. On one hand I cringe at the expense cuz we have all this stuff at home...but on the other hand...we had such a good good time!
He was SO unsure of the sand at first...he told the cashier at Wally's that we were going to the BIG sandbox! HAHAHA! Of course, at that point the fog hadn't lifted so he didn't know there was BIG water too!
My Sweet Girl...LOVED everything about the beach. It was chilly (mid 70---maybe 80 by the time we left)...she braved the shallow water for bucket after bucket of water. She was drenched and sandy when we left. She went home in a borrowed pair of her brother's shorts and nothing else. *Sigh*
I love SPF 85---how 'bout you?? Woo hoo....
...and I love it in spray on too!!
Lubby loved the boats...he SHOUTED every time he saw one. He even saw a helicopter!!!
Do you like their castle? Emmer probably put 20 gallons into that hole. She kept saying, "Where'd it go? Oh well, I'll goes and gets some more!"