Saturday, September 29, 2007

Crazy Women Drives West

I've seriously questioned my sanity this week. I travelled 5 hours (6 1/2 with kids) to visit my parents. Thankfully, it was very rewarding. It is so neat to watch my parents with my kids. It is like looking back into your childhood. I hear my Dad tell my daughter she is beautiful and watched them walk down the driveway to get the mail. I watched my Mom tear up at having to leave for work and be delighted upon her return by outstretched little arms. My little man doesn't do much at this point but what he does do is adorable. He focuses so contentedly upon faces and is now gurgling and cooing. It melts my heart (and others). So, yesterday after such a great visit, I headed West to go home to my hubby, that I missed terribly. At our first stop I had my pumpkin seat and my folk's dog (I'm dogsitting too) in one hand and my little curious Georgette in the other. A state trooper stopped to check the rest stop. He gave me a curious look and I stated that I was a one woman show. He said I appeared to have everything under control. I replied that I'd better. Yup, you have to be a little nuts to do that alone. Thank God we are all home safe. Phew!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Early to rise...

I've been up (and showered-wooowhoo!) since 4:30 am. That is something that used to signify a road trip but now is my MomE life. My hubby had to leave for work early (shift work) and the baby was up so I put him in his bouncy seat and got ready. I have a MOPS meeting at 9 and I need to be early to start the tea kettle, etc. I figured it would be easier to get presentable before my two year old angel awoke. Sometimes she's happy and agreeable but you never know. So, now I'm up. I'd say bright and early but it is still very dark and early. I'm reminded of the Proverbs 31 woman. I've definately got the rise early part down. Now to work on the rest. My son is cracking me up. He is so funny in the mornings. He is congested or "snorky" and at the same time ready for his morning "poopie." He attempts to drink his breakfast, grunt and snork all at the same time. It is amusing. My Dad says he looks like Winston Churchill these days because he is balding (probably going blond like my eldest)and has the same round cheeks and serious facial expression. Dad suggested (in jest) that we give him a cigar for his next photo. Ha!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hip MomE?

I've never considered myself technologically challenged and realized that maybe I was falling behind. I was lying in bed last night thinking about computers and what I didn't know. It occured to me that I didn't know how to create a blog. I first noticed other moms had them when my MOPS buddies would say, "Hey check out my blog" or I'd be on forums and people would refer to them. However, when my Dad created one--and it was so awesome--and easy (according to him)I thought it was about time. I figure this is also a great opportunity to work on thinking about what I write before I post it out for the world. Might even help me with my big mouth--you never know. Maybe this blog will be one of God's great tools in my life to tame my tongue and impulsive sinful heart. Here's hoping.