Monday, October 29, 2007

Family Portraits...

I have recently entered the world of yearly family portraits. I find that I'm planning this weeks in advance. I have to think out outfits (two for the kids) and backgrounds. I work out the time of day so hopefully they'll both be awake and in a decent mood--I'm skeptical if that is truly possible. I have to make sure that the date is early enough that the pictures will get back and ready to put into the Christmas cards. Then, of course, I'll be trying to make sure my sweet daughter doesn't bruise her face before the pictures and that the baby doesn't scratch his with those fingernails that grow overnight. After the sweat and tears it is a wonder we try to do it each year. I'm always excited to see our family on our parents' walls and am glad that I took the time, until it comes time to do it all again.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

TV consumption

I've lately been convicted (should I admit again) about my TV consumption. The sermon Sunday was in Ephesians--talking about the putting off the old man and on the new man. The pastor made a great point about sin creeping in by repeated exposure. I know, you're thinking that's not a real shocker, but his point was that it creeps in slowly through things that we aren't careful to discern. I know for me this just shouted--and be never mentioned TV by name. I had already struggled with this due to reading articles about brain development in young children etc. However, you know how it is, I've been sick and keeping up with my bubbly two year old and infant has been more than I could handle. I'm not saying that doesn't happen--and that sometimes a good ole Veggie Tale can't rescue you on those days but it is the getting trapped that strikes me. I find that it starts with only wholesome things (Veggie Tales, Wheel of Fortune, harmless junk) and then before I know it I'm watching "trash TV" with sitcoms and nonsense like that. SO, we turned it off this week. The silence is deafening--I wish I could say it is golden but sometimes I'm a bit overwhelmed. I feel that it is the right thing to do--and my children will reap the benefits of not becoming brain sucked boob tubes. Yesterday my daughter and I made a fort--awesome! Today my son and I had a beautiful cooing conversation. God is good. I'm not promising or suggesting that we will never watch a cartoon again but I am grateful to be reminded that it can be dangerous, that Satan is lurking, that I do need to guard my little treasures!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Ankle Ouchy...

Well it's a good thing my middle name isn't Grace. On the way out of the house yesterday I sprained my ankle. As usual I was trying to make only one trip. I had my purse, two diaper bags and my two year old in one arm and the very heavy Booba in his seat in the other. I stepped off the porch stoop into the flower bed and started to wobble. Afraid that I might drop the baby, I folded my ankle under me and laid down in the flower bed. Very graceful indeed! I laid there pray/crying "Oh God, Oh God, please don't let it be broken!" My two year old started to cry--what was wrong with Mommy. I pulled it together and hobbled back inside. It swelled a bit and hurt a lot but PTL today it is much better. Phew! To be truly honest about the selfishness of my heart, I was already thinking about myself and what I'd miss if I ended up on crutches. My Dad had awesomely offered to babysit for us so we could go on a date for my b-day Monday and there I lay in my flowerbed thinking about not being able to go! It is weird to realize your own selfish heart. Of course, I also thought of my babies and got myself up and inside too! I guess I just want to point that out to myself as something to work on in the future. When in pain, don't think about yourself.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Super Woman goes crazy again...

Today I decided to move the furniture. I wasn't really sure if I could but didn't want to pester my husband anymore than necessary. I thought I could definitely move certain things. Turns out I could move everything but the piano (I did shove it a few feet) and the dining room table (only because I don't know how to take it apart). It was slow going but looks very neat. I can't wait to see his face when he walks in tonight. HA! I told him that women can move big things we just don't pick it up and 'heave ho' like men. I move things about two inches at a time. My poor baby girl woke up and wondered where she was and why Mom was carrying the TV out of the room. Oh, and FYI I didn't just move it for the heck of it. I'm preparing the other room to have the carpet ripped up and replaced with Pergo like the rest of the floor. I'm crazy, but I'm not that crazy!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Photo craze...

I think I'll stick to looking at my own pictures. I just took a bunch of pictures of my kiddos, especially my tiny two year old wonder. I then looked at some of our friends' photos, who has some snazzy program where they are all perfected. Makes me feel bad. I really need a Mac--I keep telling my husband this but he is lacking in his knowledge of Mac Awesomeness. I told him when I go back to work I'm getting one. He says, "mmmhhhmmm, whatever, sure honey" which means that he's listening but not really worried since that's probably 6 years down the road. I've got news, I'm not changing my mind. Anyway, I guess my pictures are still the best cuz they have my cuties in them but when I get a Mac lookout. My folks have them and they come with all these neato things for pictures and movies and slideshows. I know there are going to be people out there telling me about Snapfish, etc. but who has the time to learn all that--especially when I can buy a Mac someday and get it on there all set to go. Maybe I should change this blog title to Mac crazy me! HA!