Monday, February 27, 2012

Talented Boy & Pretty Girl

Poor little Lubby...he went from bronchitus to pneumonia today.  So, we broke out the ole nebulizer and set him up with some cartoons!  Praise the Lord...he hasn't needed this thing for almost a, I had to remember how to hook it all up.
He's most impressed with the fact that he can now make "smoke ring"...OUI!  HAHAHA!
Emma has decided...that she will be a MomE..."and a bakery, and have babies too!"
Just so you know everyone...I do not model the wearing of a tutu and tiara around the house...When I asked her about this aspect of her outfit...she said, "Well, MomE's like to look pretty too, ya know!"  HAHAHA!  Yup...that's true.

Monday, February 20, 2012

A favorite Christmas Gift!!

I've never taken pictures of this event...
Grand Uncle Tim picked this out for the kids for Christmas....and boy is it fun!
You just can't go wrong with glow in the dark that can be child manipulated!! WOOTWOOT!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

We got many wonderful LOVING Valentine's from Grandparents and GREAT Grandparents...
...the stickers were put to immediate use...except for some that MomE set aside for a rainy day! 
The little artist has a stack of "projects"...It ought to keep her busy for...oh, a day or so!
I got a Valentine with a PRINCESS on it...from a little boy who only draws Star Wars Robots most of the time!  I feel special!!
My sweetheart Emma drew a bird and butterfly....and a heart with an arrow...and some words that she can spell!! 
But, my favorite comes from my GEEKy husband...who proved, in a differential equation, that I take womanhood to the positive limit!  Hehehe...gotta love how he puts his Master's classes to good use!
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Friday, February 10, 2012

A fun day, even with a germ-o-phobic MomE!

My friend Maria talked me into a fun afternoon yesterday.  We went to Monkey Joes (how do they name these things?)...a bouncer place that had newly opened in our area.  Yes, I did say she talked me into it...cuz I have a germ-a-phobic fear of such places....Generally, they smell like a mixture of feet and pizza...filled with screaming kids!  All I can think is fungus and sweat...ew!
But, childhood is filled with such dangers, right?  This place was it smelled like vinyl/plastic.  The bathrooms were super clean.  I was really impressed with their security too...they did the wristband thing...where they check to make sure you're leaving with only your children.  (You wouldn't want to take home extras...har har!!)  Seriously, I've always thought it'd be easy for predators to walk into these places of screaming bedlam and leave with a little kid.  Much less likely to happen here.  They also have "referees" that remind people to walk...and keep the chaos controlled. 
The kids had a GREAT time...and slept really well last night!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Being Sweet!

We have been working on playing together...nicely. Usually, little brothers like to shoot the ponies and throw them for BIG jumps! But, when they were all ready for church on Sunday...I caught them being sweet to each other.
Good little brothers play nicely...and say, "What's this one's name again?"  "Is this a stethoscope or a telescope?"  Hehehe!
Good big sisters...share their ponies...even though history might say this is a bad idea!
Here is her favorite pony...Her name is Princess Luna...and she lights up!!!  Must of ate something radioactive...Oui, I've been married to Loverbrains for too long!  That last comment was for him!  HAHAHA!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Airing out the Sickness!

Caleb and Emma have been passing about a bit of stomach virus last week and now this week.  Everyone was feeling better today...and since it was a balmy 60 degrees outside...I turned off the heat and opened up the house for a bit.  Airing out the Sickness!!
The kids then asked if they could eat outside...on the screen porch!
We had a marvelous time...airing out our sickness!
Emma's first day of school this week...and it was silly sock day.  I think Emma won!  HAHA!
This is our resident shark...otherwise known as a mooching dog named Scruffy!
Hope ya'll enjoyed a nice sunny day too!  If you have sickness...air it out! 
If you are Grandma and Grandpa Wells...we sure hope we didn't share our virus with ya'll this last weekend.  Oops...we had no idea we were contagious!