Friday, August 31, 2012

The Great LubbyMan...magician extraordinaire!

Caleb has been so very lonely with Emma in school each day.  He has really struggled and we have had many talks about being grateful for our, nice days, etc.  So, when I was just beginning to despair that he was going to be annoyingly miserable forever...he found an empty paper towel tube I was going to throw away...and became a magician.  He can make ANYTHING disappear!!  WOW!

  So, BEHOLD...The GREAT LUBBY MAN...magician extraordinaire.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Renamed and Routine!

I'm discovering the sometimes quilt patterns have very odd names!  For example, this one is called "You Want Me To Piece A What?"  I think it's one of those you had to be there sort of names.  Probably hilarious to it's creator...but sort of odd to everyone else.  
Because you cut 1.5" of all four sides of the 9-patch and swap the centers...I think it should be called "Switcheroo"...which I'm planning to call it.  By the way...SHHH...this is my brown bag project for this year.  I'm trying to get on it EARLY.  I feel it's safe to post it here...but last year I had my Aunt wouldn't work well.  But...I'm trusting ya'll to keep the secret!
They need to go on point...this icky looks like baby poo blender was included with the bb fabric.  I sort of really hate it...but it does work....Hmmm?  What to do...what to do....?
Caleb has been so cute...and so lonely...these last few days. With his sister in school he is rather discontent with life. SO...he plays for a bit...and then I give him fabric to sort or we go for a walk or something...or he sits on the chair in my sewing room and tells me what's happening outside.
Even though he's bored...I'm sure enjoying some special time with my little man.  He'll be happier once Bible Study and library storytime start up in a few weeks.  My kids are a mess without routine.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Imagination Doesn't Make Sense...

It's good to be home again after a wonderful weekend at quilt camp. I'm enjoying watching my sweet boobahs play.
But, I don't always understand their imaginations. 
Somehow, digging in the dirt and banging sticks in with their baseball bats....
...makes GREAT pretend soup...and...
...helps their trees (ie. dandelions) grow!?'s LOADS of fun!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Monday, August 13, 2012

First Grader!

 She has HELLO KITTY everything...She's ready to GO!!!
 My neighbor sweeties!
 Gettin' the crazies out b4 the bus comes!
Yeah, Jack is still our bus driver!  WOOT WOOT!

Mish Mash Vacation Pictures!

Sorry, I sort of ran out of steam regarding the vacation picture posting. It's a lot of work coming home after many little stuffs to do...and big stuffs. are the rest of the pictures (well, most of them)...
Papa and Loverbrains went fishing...

...and we all went for boat rides.  I stick to the paddle boat personally...rowing is hard work!
We all went to the county fair...which I LOVE!  My city kids don't get to see farm animals much...
....Emma was licked by a Jersey heifer...I think she thought her hair was yummy hay!  Emma shrieked.  It was a surprise!  HAHA!
The little piglets are always a treat!
This goat is super amazing...FOUR horns!
One young girl was trimming her sheep for showing and let us pet her!
A nice young man from Papa and Nana's church was there...and he let us pet a chicken!  They are VERY warm and soft!
The boys enjoyed the tractor pull...of course!
SO, so many gorgeous quilts!  I took a lot more pictures than this...but...I'll spare you!
We swam almost the water was 89 degrees!  Woot woot!
We walked up the mountain almost every morning...which is my favorite!!
Nana's kindergarten teacher cohort and lifetime friend came over to enjoy my kiddos and do puzzles...per tradition!
Lubby bought a bow and arrow with his birthday money.  It was well worth every dime...Hehehe...He's a pretty good shot!
We even went for a tractor ride...very fun...and bumpy!
It was wonderful...but now we are home...and Emmer is turning 7 and school is, actually!  I will share pictures soon!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lasting Friendship!

On our third day of vacation we took a lovely scenic trip (ie. many back roads..some of them dirt and straight uphill, phew!) to visit my childhood friend Sarah and her husband Nick.
We have attempted to keep in touch, even amid life's many changes.  In truth, she's a bit younger than me but we were fellow PKs (Pastor's Kids) in the same fellowship most of our lives.  Around college we started writing...and even with the hiccups of marriage and family we've kept at it. 
I've had other friends that I've tried to keep in touch with...and it's hard work.  Our common faith is a great blessing to our friendship...and it was so encouraging to hear what God is doing in their lives as they strive to trust and serve Him more.

The kids found a katydid and played with it all day...we learned it had a broken leg...maybe it was in  pain and couldn't escape...hahaha!

Later, Mr. Nick took Emma on a four-wheeler ride...Caleb wouldn't go but he did sit on it for a minute!

It was a great visit...well worth the extra miles on wacky roads!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

ER Excitement!

We decided to end our first full day of vacation with a drive to one of our favorite ice cream places. It's surrounded by gorgeous mountains, has little playhouses for the kids, and the best coffee ice cream I've ever had.
Unfortunately, I made a momentous MomE blunder.  Having been spoiled by our fabulous Ella's Frozen Yogurt that caters to Non-Dairy folks...I asked if the sherbet had dairy or not.  The young teen working the front said that no, it was made with orange juice.  Okay, right there I should have been suspicious cuz orange juice would curdle the cream...but I wasn't.  Even when it came and I saw it was creamy I didn't ask further questions...and watched my little man consume the whole whopping serving.  At first, he ran around with the best of them...until he started vomiting and swelling up.  Even with Benedryl he was covered in a rash from head to toe.  It was horrible!
So, off to the ER we know you are a serious case when the check-in nurse calmly reaches up to hit the call button and they wisk you away while your husband stays to fill out the entrance paperwork.  Lubby was just irritated...and concerned about needles.  After being pumped with steroids he felt much better and wanted to go HOME!  Around midnight, we did!
But, he was up and headed out for our morning walk up the mountain at 7 AM!  I let poor Loverbrains sleep...and trucked along with the Sweet Boobahs.  It was a gorgeous morning...misty!  It made me think..."O LORD, be gracious to us; we long for you. Be our strength every morning, our salvation in time of distress."  Isaiah 33:2

See!  He looks fabulous...and alive!  Phew...thank you, Lord!!  His sister was very doting...she worries about him!  She's one of his best advocates!
We found many Red Efts...or salamanders that morning.  We like to rescue them by pointing them away from the road!
Later, we snapped beans...something that can be enjoyed by children of all ages...hahaha!  They were yummy too!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Big Birthday!

Our first day there we helped celebrate Grandpa's 80th Birthday!  My kids get in on the birthday action...because Lubby has one just before and Emmer-bean just after!  Gotta love summer birthdays!