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Caleb says...

...this one looks like him!

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Emma's First Piano Recital

Sorry for the many short video phone is stubborn! Emma loves piano lessons and her teacher Mrs Dillard. She got a rose from Grandma Pat too! Yay Emma!!
PS...I am aware that Twinkling Planets Solo doesn't wish to play...but I've spent an hour fiddling with this phone/video...and I'm tired and, IF I have time later I'll mess with it more...but for now...Good Night!

Twinkling Planets duet

Twinkling Planets solo

Mister Flea duet

Mister Flea alone...

Piano Recital Intro

Patch Program Surprise!!!

At the end of their closing program the kids had a surprise song...Trust & Obey...for there's no other way to be happy in Jesus but to Trust & Obey!! They have never used bells before. Wow!

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Shocking Curls!

DadE helped kids pick out flowers for Mother's Day...this picture doesn't go it almost hurts your eyes! Shockingly bright!!

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Boy, oh Boy!

The house that burned on our street in February is finally being demoed and rebuilt! Sooo exciting for Caleb...