Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Appreciate Breathing

I never thought about how wonderful it is to breath out of both nostrils until recently. It is easy to just feel miserable with a cold but I've had a reverse Thanksgiving epiphany. Most of the time I'm blessed with good health and the lack of cough and congestion. Thank God this will all be over soon--but hopefully when I can breath again, I'll be thankful--instead of only focusing on the times when I can't.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Super Mom Profile...

I was feeling like I just don't measure up and it occurred to me...just who is this Super Mom that everyone compares me against? I decided to write out her profile. Super Mom (SM) is beautiful and thin regardless of how many children she has, or when she had them. She is healthy and energetic--never tired or weepy. She is amorous and loving towards her husband at all times. Her children reach developmental milestones just a bit before anyone else's children. She knows instinctively which children are contagious and therefore, her children never get sick. Their not getting sick also has to do with her superior meteorlogical training--she knows how they should be dressed and how cold is too cold. She cooks perfectly balanced meals that her children love and lick the plate. She has the astute ability to get her kids to sleep through the night from their earliest infancy and she knows just how and when to potty train and detach all security items from her children (ie. paci, blanket, lovies). All of this she does with the greatest of ease, without becoming stressed and without her children complaining or having fits. She is the perfect disciplinarian (she rarely has to because her children are nearly perfect themselves) and her children behave perfectly wherever they are be it doctor's offices or family holidays. HA--there is more I'm sure but I must go maintain my clever role of NOT Super Mom but I'm Mom, none the less! Anyone who reads this can pray for me as I begin to stress over the coming holiday trips--especially with a sick little Georgette!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

What needs to get done will get done?!

I'm a perfectionist and a control freak. The saying, "What needs to get done will get done" has always annoyed me. The way I looked at it was if you don't plan it out and make a list it won't get done and how would you know for sure if it did? I'm a great commercial for DayTimers and often refer to mine as "my brain." I truly and honestly don't know how people without this sort of organizational tool actually show up to appts. and/or accomplish tasks in any semblance of time or fashion. When I decided to stay at home with my kiddos I thought I didn't need one anymore--after all what was there to plan? HA! I quickly learned that I needed it--not just for appts., as you'd expect, but for my sanity. However, back to this crazy saying. I have found that it is true and is yet another step in my relationship with God. He is teaching me that what He wants me to accomplish is most important--not my agenda. This concept (ultimately to glorify Him) helps me to stop and use those teachable moments with my babies and to enjoy the quiet and the chaotic. Even with my DayTimer and organization it is good to let go and relax from time to time. God is in control and "What needs to get done will get done."