Monday, May 16, 2011

First Zoo Trip of the Spring!

Adorable security picture!  AWWW!

The seals were sunbathing...we rarely see them out of the water.  Very neat!

MomE and Emma pretending to be FLAMINGOS!

His favorite...the RHINOS!

Her favorite...the ZEBRAS!

DadE and Emma pretending to be an ELEPHANT!

This glass had BETTER be strong.  This gave MomE heart palpitations.  Yes, I would take on a Cheetah to save my baby!


Pastor D said...

Great pictures! What beautiful babies we have in our family!

Anonymous said...

Which zoo were you guys at? We were just at the Columbus zoo and it looks similar. We got passes and can take two guests with us if you're ever in town and want to go. -g