Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Orange & Owies

Caleb smashed his finger in the church doors yesterday while I was there preparing for VBS. It shut and locked...and was an awful smashed sight.

I usually handle crisis pretty well...but when I saw it I went a little white around the gills and got upset. I'm glad that our Pastor "happened" to have stopped by to check the VBS progress...and he was able to take over until I got a hold of myself.'s fractured and taped to it's neighbor. We'll see the orthopedic doctor tomorrow to make sure it's okay to heal on it's own. It's hurting today...but Caleb is a super brave kid!

As many of you know he loves all things ORANGE...and was especially delighted to see this picture of his Uncle Dave, who has just started driving these beautiful, orange trucks for a living. Sunshine makes some people happy...Orange makes us happy! packs and Tylenol are nice too!


Zoanna said...

OUch! So sorry to hear about the smashed finger. I hope it heals up just fine.

Thanks for stopping by my blog .I'm hoping to post those sermon notes on "When Christians Doubt" within a week or two, so please check back. It was such a timely message for so many listeners.

Uncle Dave said...

I remember smashing my big toe under the church doors when they swung open one time. Not fun lol. Glad he loves the trucks. :)