Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fishing Funtimes with DadE

They both were excited to fish but Caleb LOVED it.  This was the extent of her fishing time.  He fished on numerous occasions with DadE and watched him catch and clean several fish.  He would sit quietly and soak up DadE time for a good hour at a time.  That's great for Mr. FOUR! 
DadE decided (and MomE agreed) that it was safer this year to allow them a pole with no hook.  DadE was more likely to catch it in the eye than a fish to bite it.  Maybe next year...from the dock.
They sure had fun though.  Sorry for no commentary originally posted...I'm just trying to get posts done...and didn't want to miss the day's post.

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Pastor D said...

What did they think of fishing? Did they catch any fish while they were out there?