Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Enjoy some picture overload!

We went to the children's museum this last weekend...and since I've been rather remiss in my picture taking and sharing...I thought you'd enjoy this overload of Sweet Boobah faces.
As always, I started with a security picture...just in case!  Then it was off to the Barbie exhibit...not DadE's favorite!  HAHAHA!
Nothing like squeaking a record to entertain children for hours.
Em the hair stylist extraordinaire.
My favorite of the day was probably the trip to Egypt.  It was the shortest transcontinental flight I've ever endured...hehehe!
The kids rode a burro through town...heehaw!
MomE visited someone's home!
The kids worked in the market...Emmer loaded a basket with canned goods...
...and Lubby weighed out the produce!
DadE took me to this nifty little cafe! 
Our kids served us smoothies and coffees!
Emma sniffed all the spice tins...they have some spice in the top so you can do was too cute!
DadE helped the kids at the archeological dig.
MomE braved the traffic...crazee! 
DadE is drawn to puzzles...He and Emma did this entire puzzle while MomE listened to Lubby pick Egyptian music on the computer...He likes the mosk singer the best (yeah, the one that sounds like wailing...yeah that!).  Oui!
Then we were off to an underwater ocean exhibit...Puerto Rico, I think...but it's so hard to tell underwater!
Lubby surprised us and really got into this one!
Next, we visited the terracotta army in China...
....Hey Dad...
...does this look familiar??
Then we went to the EVOLUTION crazy dinosaur exhibit.  It always makes me grind my teeth a little bit...but I like the thunderstorm show.
We had a great time!!

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e-Mom said...

You had so much FUN! I enjoyed every minute of your tour!

We used to love going to the children's museum, and when we went to other cities on vacation, that's the first place we'd go. Saw some good ones in Seattle, San Francisco, and Boston. (e-Dad marvelled that such things actually exist! Whodathunk?)

Thanks. If that was your first trip, I'm sure it won't be your last.

Hugs, e-Mom