Wednesday, May 9, 2012

SPECIAL EDITION: Toothless Truth!

Look what happened at our house!!!
After much wiggling and angst...the first tooth is FREE!  
It's front neighbor is likely to follow in the weeks ahead.  Let the toothlessness begin!
MomE  decided to play tooth fairy.  In a gentle moment this morning, as a sleepy Emma rejoiced over her shiny quarter (*sigh, inflation!)...we talked about how the Bible is our only source of real TRUTH.  

We talked about how it's so fun to play Santa...but he's really DadE.  Then we said, the tooth fairy is also a fun game to play...but *it's a secret* it's really MomE!  

This is important because we talk about Jesus alot...and although we have never seen him either...he is VERY real!  In fact, he's God's only Son!  Faith is not a fun game that we's a real and amazing JOY!
We do call it a *secret* because many of her friends don't know the truth about Santa, the Tooth Fairy...or Jesus.  For now, it is their Mommies and Daddies job to tell them the TRUTH. 


heather said...

Awww how sweet

Pastor D said...

Congratulations, Emma. You are growing up!

Good work, MomE. It is tricky keeping things sorted out for the kids. I sill remember that ride from Sidney Center to Franklin when you were asking about Santa.

You: Is Santa real?
Me: How would we know if he was real?
You: It would be in the Bible?
Me: That's right! It would be in the Bible!
You: Is Santa in the Bible?

Jess said...

Awe how cute! A toothless flowergirl! :D Congrads Emma!

nannykim said...

This reminds me of the time we were teaching our kids about Santa Clause and the real Saint Nicholas . We were grocery shopping and the cashier asked the kids if Santa was coming to their house and they replied, "No, he is dead" . I am sure she must have wondered!

Anonymous said...

We love that cute smile!!

Grandma and Grandpa W.