Saturday, July 7, 2012

Homemade Body Paints

In our search for fun on yet another scorcher of a day, we made body paints.  VERY easy...I played with a few ideas I'd read online...all were too soupy...shaving cream just breaks down too fast...SO, I tried cold cream (Noxzema?)  VOILA!
Recipe:  2 generous Tablespoons of Cold Cream...1/2 t. cornstarch...2-3 drops food color!
Color test...don't worry, no staining that bath time or kiddie pool won't remedy!
Stir WELL!
Paint on generously!  Be careful with paint around the eyes...I warned the kids that it would sting worse than soup...they took note and were careful!
Being my allergic boy...he was unsure of it on his after this picture we took it off!
Rosy girl...she only used pink and it's hard to see the paint in these picture!
My hands were covered...and * poor camera...*sigh!
Happily coated Sweet Boobahs!
Caleb was pretty unhappy when it washed off...He thought it would stay on forever...sheesh...nobody tell him about Tattoos, ok?!


heather said...

very cute :) they looked very colorful

Body Paints said...

Great idea of having the body paints. The kids are looking colourful with these paints.