Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Summer Reading ala MomE...

For many summers we have participated in the library 'raffle chaos version' of summer reading. We never win despite gazillions of tickets won...yup, just the dollar tree trinkets you get for hours read. We never found the amount of reading challenging either.
So, using a teeny idea from Pinterest, MomE has created her own summer reading program. Pinterest suggested writing the title on each link...but that's a lot of work for yours truly and abilities and book length vary.
Our goal is 3,000 minutes of reading for the summer. They get a link for every 30 minutes they read. If they reach the goal they get a $20 gift card to Half Priced Books...and the card is placed where they can see it as an incentive to work hard.
Let the reading begin!!

PS...Don't worry I love my public library (especially the staff) and will be there just as frequently this summer as an other. I promise!


Anonymous said...

the library i work at, gives away bikes as the grand prize to two winners, and then everybody who participates, generally gets a nice prize like a tote bag with library logo on it and coupons to local summer attractions. you might try visiting other local libraries to see if you can join more than one local program. :-) i like the idea of the chain though, i think i'm going to do that with our kids too. :-) thanks, gn

Jess said...

Very Clever Sis. :) I love this idea. Perhaps I should use something similar to it myself. I have not been reading much at all despite my goal. See you soon!