Thursday, October 20, 2016

More NY vacation pics...

I decided to start updating pictures to this blog from right before things got crazy and God put our move into motion.  This was the week we decided that Darren would put his resume out.  It was a beautiful week in the mountains of NY!  
 The kids checking on the frog in the horse bucket!
 DadE and the kids on top the mountain getting a drink from the brook.
 Lubby-man reading in the hammock!
 Caleb's b-day dinner with special guests Great Uncle John and Walter!
Nana keeping Caleb company while he assembled his bday legos.
My favorite NY flowers...I think they are called "chicken and eggs"...or something like that!  And a big ole clover too!
 Brooks BBQ chicken too...yum!
 Ahhhh...the lake!
 Pop's black raspberry soft serve in a waffle cone!...and the beautiful view!
Two cute love-bugs!  Hope I'm that cute with Darren in 60 plus years...

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