Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Positively exhausting...

I took a good long look at the potty training negative disaster going on with Curious Georgette and decided some changes needed to be made. I am amazed that being negative is so easy to fall into--as I have been doing scolding and grouching for a few days now. It takes more work to be positive but really what kind of choice is there really? I talked with my husband about what would work as a reinforcement. We both agreed that the M&Ms were out because of yuckiness, etc. We agreed on stickers. I talked to my Dad--a great positive behaviorist--and he helped me hone my plan. I am putting it into play this afternoon after nap. Stickers for sitting on the potty--stickers for going on the potty--stickers for volunteering to go--stickers stickers stickers! Yeah! Please pray for me. Being so positive can be exhausting and I don't want to be stuck in the negative hole.

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