Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday Mayhem...

Well, I'm back. Did you miss me?? I went to visit my parents in Ohio--long trip (alone) with two boobahs! They were good--I'm just tired.

I came back to a beautiful pergoed floor (my husband's so great) and a really messed up upstairs bathroom (previous owner, grrr). Called plumber--waiting...

Today I'm scurrying about trying to get everything done--unpacked, cleaned up, etc. AND I took NO pictures at my parent's house so I thought I'd include this cute one of the kiddos that I'm making into bathroom art. Other bathroom--that I'm painting. Projects, projects--tis the season. Gotta go--think the plumber is finally here!

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Anonymous said...

Hi!! Thanks for being the first commenter on my peanut allergy blog!! In answer to your question about how often he will wear his "peanut bling" (I'm stealing that term!!): I plan to "try" to make him wear it all the time. We haven't received it yet so I'm not sure if he will do that or not. I'm afraid if I only have him wear it when we leave we will forget it (I'm scatter brained that way!!).

Yes, I think talking about this on the PA Kid blog would be a good thing. I'm sure all of us that have PA kids (or other serious allergies) preschoolers are in the same boat. He's a pretty good kid and usually minds so maybe it will work. I'm not above bribing with candy, etc until he gets used to it.

Thanks for visiting my blog again. I am really praying this will reach others and help educate them. I don't want our PA journey to be in vain.

Feel free to e-mail me if you have anything you ever want to discuss. (One e-mail is on my profile and there is another one on PA Kid, they all go into the same box).

By the way, those kids are cute!! Hubby won't let me do bath pictures. :) I'm so sorry you have two allergy kids. We don't know yet about child number two but he's 20 months and so far so good. We're taking him in soon for a RAST just to be sure.