Monday, August 30, 2010

Home again, Home again!

Phew...I'm tired and our house looks like it exploded! HA! Over the next few days I'll attempt to upload and share many vacation funtimes.

Here is Emmer-bean's birthday party! Notice the sweetpeas in her party hat. The girl has a taste of flare!
We did PINK and butterflies for her birthday...and we'd bought her new wings...and then her grandparents got her matching antenna! Too cute...and we didn't even plan it that way. She's cute as a bug! Har har!
Lubby was NOT interested in wetting himself in the lake. he fished from the dock like a little man!
Emma turns into a complete blinding blur in all these pictures. No matter what I do...she's that white spot on the lake! HA!
We ate LOTS of fabulous produce from my Grand Uncle's garden. Thanks for sharing! I love this picture of the kids running!
More to come...NOW to unpack...*sigh*


Barbara H. said...

Looks like a wonderful vacation! Love those wings and antennae. Happy unpacking and laundering! :-)

e-Mom said...

Love all your photos... especially the party hat with the sweet peas on top!!! ღ