Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Running to make discoveries!!

We got these magnifying glasses awhile back. Today (one of the most hot and humid on record)...they wanted to go on a walk. The catalyst for this science walk was our buying two new field guides for our upcoming vacation. We got a guide to Wildflowers and Trees/ go with our bird guide. We are nerds...and we love it!!
They saw lots of ants...always good fun to watch!
Emmer-bean has really figured out how it magnify. Lubby looks through it but VERY quickly and then he's off to the next thing!
Tons of cicadas...dead or shells to look at! Too cool...ewww!
Pine needles up close are neat too! They were intrigued by the birds living in the trees. Lubby said, "Don't dey poke der wings?" Hahaha! I told him they are very good fliers...and that the pine needles probably keep other animals away so the birds are safe!

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