Monday, October 3, 2011

Loverbrains Returns...again!?

Yes, he's home again from another China trip.  He even found a tiny silk robe for Emmer-bean!  AW!  Yes, that's the whole reason he was gone so was hard to find one just her size.  Oh, and a teeny tiny Chinese tea set with Pandas.  Hehehe!

Caleb is enjoying his gifts too...most namely a small, brass dragon and a huge, green dung beetle (captured in amber and made into a key chain.)  Dragons and beetles...what could be better! 

I'm happy too...I can sleep again.  Any crashes in the night are now NOT my problem.  Not that I won't still get up and deal with stuff, of course...Just not alone.  Phew!

In reality, I am most blessed when he is gone.  I have a GREAT network of friends and church family that actually would come to my house in the middle of the night if I needed them.  Just thought I should say that...cuz I do so appreciate them.

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Anonymous said...

Emma looks like a Chinese Princess and Caleb sounds like Jurassic Park boy. We are glad he made it home safely.

Love to all,

Dad and Mom W.