Wednesday, October 26, 2011


The Sweet Boobahs BEG for playtime after lunch...cuz they know naptime is upon them...Today, I realized they were being pirates...the Patch the Pirate/PeeWee kind, of course.
They pulled one swing's the anchor!
This is the "evil pirate" they are escaping from...evidently, she wants their apples!  They tried to make her wear the patch but MomE said they had to be nice to the poor puppy pirate!
Captain Lubby drops the anchor...
...and ARGH!  They're off...sailing the briny deep!
He loves this sword but was annoyed that it wasn't sharp enough to cut apples in half...*gasp...could you imagine!? 

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Pastor D said...

No sharp swords for him until he is at least five!