Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Puppets

The kids got a new Highlights magazine today. Actually, they currently get High Five...cuz it's a little more age appropriate right now.  I got them when I was a little girl....and I still LOVE them.  I had been reading most of the book upside down (a skill I developed when teaching)...when we came to the page on puppets.
SO, we broke out the bags and markers...and had a puppet making party.
Emma is a serious artist...she considers her plan before working...Caleb...he just wanted something to color in...and even that didn't really hold his attention for long.
He was intrigued by the mechanical workings of puppeteering.  He can only work it if he looks at it.  So, here he is barking at his dog!  HAHA!
Emma did the front and back of her puppet...with purple spots colored in with brown...and a tail. 
This led to a discussion about playing pretend...cuz Caleb was NOT interested in stopping his play to add one.  I said, "If you can pretend it's a dog, you can pretend it has a tail too."  Then before you know it...they've gone over the creative deep end into deciding the puppet dog can go PRETEND potty outside.  Good Grief!

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Shanda said...

AW..makes me miss those days when my kids were young.