Friday, March 9, 2012

Mud Stew & Head Wounds!

Thanks for everyone's patience while I recovered from pneumonia. I'm pretty much back to my perky self but still run out of battery before I should...The Dr. said to be patient...she laughed when she said she knows me or something.  Humph!
Thankfully, we've enjoyed some simply gorgeous days...and the kids were able to play while I sat watching from the screen porch.  When they made a very yummy mud stew...I went and got my camera and sauntered out to capture the yumminess for ya'll.
When I got home last night from picking up my bridesmaid dress for my brother's wedding...a lovely head wound greeted me.  Evidently, while Darren was helping Emma out of her bath...Lubby was running around under tables...and cut his head on something a screw or something, I guess.  Typical boy...he hits his head a lot.
I was about to shave his head so I could get a bandaid to stick...but decided to call my Dad for first aid advice.  Since he's been an instructor for the Red Cross he's a pretty handy resource...even long distance.  He saved Caleb's hair...and advised putting a bit of Neosporen and a towel over his pillow case and let it scab over....since the bleeding had stopped.
Today, he woke up and was happy to see it much less swollen...and I told him about scabs.  He scooted downstairs and said, "Hey Dad...I got a Jesus Bandaid called a scab!"  Hehehe...isn't that neat!  PHew...

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