Saturday, September 22, 2012

ARRR Matey Museum Day!

Wednesday was National Talk Like A Pirate Day....don't ask me who comes up with this stuff.  Anyhew...the Children's Museum of Indy got into the action...and so did we!
MomE and Emma got our faces painted...with glitter glitter everywhere...which you can't see from this picture but trust going to be all over for a looonnnggg while!
This is what we call a back seat driver!  HAHA!
Caleb LOVES the shipwreck of Captain Kidd!
Gotta ride the Carousel!  Too fun!!  Noticed for the first time that all the horses have REAL horsehair tails!
Man, she's getting some seriously BIG FEET!
and...she's a pretty good sketch artist!
Cutest Pirate I ever saw...hehehe!  I mean...ARRRRR

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