Friday, September 7, 2012

Boobah Boy Days

 Today, I took a minute to ponder the special different-ness of spending alone time with my baby boobah boy.  This year we have all day, every day, to spend together.  We watch and discuss Sesame Street every day.  He pauses in his play time with his "Army dudes."
Notice furry, begging beast?  She eagerly pounces on any dropped hot dog pieces.
 He likes his hot dogs broiled...cuz it's "like the grill!"  His interests go between Knights and Guards...which I only figured out today at the library.  He's going to be a Knight for Halloween (we found the whole armor of God...too cool) I was thinking of this when we went to the library.  He loves NON-fiction...and the librarian helped me find great castle cross section books with knights, etc.  He tried to be polite...saying, "Um, thanks...but want the guards...with the guns!"  Oh!
 I have to say...these precious moments make me want to draw him closer even though I know he's growing up and will be a big Kindergarten boy next year.  He informed me that kissing him and telling him he's cute is NOT okay in public...but at home it's fine...He guesses.  Hehehe. 
 I wonder if he'll think of being an Army dude for real...That just makes me nervous.  No, I think I'll just focus on our deep talks about which Sesame Street character is our favorite.  Me--Cookie Monster.  Lubby--The Count (cuz he likes numbers too)!
Our other deep conversations include...why some army dudes don't stand up right...why there aren't any more dragons (where's the fun of being a knight without dragons)...why he can't say some words (he's currently frustrated with electricity...we tried clapping it...but he gets tongue tied)...I'm glad I'm recording these read and remember later.

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Anonymous said...

He is so precious! Does Grandma have to follow the no kissing in public rule? Love, Mom D.