Thursday, March 6, 2014

Teaching compassion...

Tonight we are going to funeral calling hours. Our friend's mother passed away. I knew that I needed to prepare my children for this...we've done it before...and each time it is hard. But, today I was blessed as I realized that teaching compassion is sweet. My Emmer-bean has got it... ...I told her we wouldn't have much time to talk...that we'd just hug our friend and say we loved her. She wanted to make a gift of love.
Wrapped with a Hello Kitty bow, no less. How blessed I am that rather than get them a sitter or shield them by not attending...we chose the harder path to teach them compassion. I know that tonight will be a blessing...although I'll be honest I'm praying it's a closed casket. Explaining *again* that they aren't sleeping, that it's not scary, that they are not present in their's a hard concept for adults...and makes even us uncomfortable.
That's why I'm focusing on the loving of those left behind.

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Pastor D said...

I'm glad you are teaching them the hard stuff.