Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Field Trip: Feast of the Hunter's Moon

 Since I'm so behind on blogging I should have lots of pictures to last me a while.
 I love chaperoning field trips.  This one is a re-enactment of a feast time between the Indians and French/English trappers.  The kids got to play old fashioned instruments.
 See blacksmiths...making weapons and tools.
 Learn about soap making.
 Learn about cheese making...goat cheese!
 Check out animal pelts!

 Saw one of our deacons, Fred, from church...dressed as a French militia I think.

 His knife pouch was made from chewed porcupine quills.  Very cool!

 And he had an antique hatchet!
 Saw some "Indians"...
 The original log building on the site.
 How wooden whistles are made on a manpowered lathe.
 Drum and Fife groups were all over.
 In the Indiana village...

This guy lit his pipe with a piece of glass...which was really cool.  Not that we want to teach that smoking is cool or anything was definitely interesting!