Saturday, November 4, 2017

Happy Halloween

 Caleb was a Roman Gladiator...Emma was a girl Chewbacca.  (She was a beautiful monarch butterfly for the church harvest party...for which she won best costume and yours truly forgot to get a picture)...but it was so cold for actual trick or treating night that she took MomE's Star Wars costume from the Worship Team party we hosted.  DadE stayed a Jedi!
 Caleb was disappointed that only one person in the neighbor correctly identified him as a Roman Gladiator...He does a lot of reading on these topics and is very specific.  You should have heard him critiquing the costumes at the store. little nerd.
 Emma was snug as a bug in this costume!
DadE had fun going house to house and MomE had fun passing out candy and teasing the children for tricks (any joke or special talent) for extra candy treats.  One kids did back flips across the front lawn.  Best joke of the night was...A Vampire and Frosty got married and had a baby.  What did they name it?  Frostbite!
 Scruffy was an ewok!  She didn't love her costume!  But she sure looked cute!

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