Thursday, January 11, 2018

Thoughtful Thursday: Idols of the Heart...

I saw that Emma had written this on her decorative chalk board.  It brought tears to my eyes.  Considering that she's parented by two people that struggle with perfectionism...who are both constantly being sanctified by God in many areas...I'm grateful, that some of our lessons to ourselves and to her have gotten through.  God is good.

I'm glad that she knows where her focus should be...above all!  

It is good to examine our hearts.  Fill in the blank for yourself..."I may love to be _______, but I love God more."  If you can't put something in that blank...then it's probably an idol.  

We also ask ourselves and our kids...How do you know if something is an idol (ie. that it's being worshipped above God in my life)?  
Ask:  Would you sin to get it?  Would you sin if you didn't get it?

So, per her very own example, Emma struggles with wanting her room and things to be neat...just so. When she did not get this...(she had to go to bed or school without having time to do this)...she became angry and anxious...which pointed to something wrong in her heart...which pointed to what was controlling her heart (her desires for neatness and control) ....So, we talked about it and she repented of that idol and asked God to help her love him more...more than having things just so and more than she wants to breathe.  So, now the focus is..."I may love to be neat, but I love God more!"

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