Friday, May 16, 2008

Hawaii, Corn chips and Playhouses...

Today was my last MOPS meeting. It had a Hawaiian theme so we all had play Leis. It was fun but even more fun was watching the kids play with it all afternoon! Emma would put it on Caleb, then take it back (as is her custom), again and again. I love these close ups of the babe! His allergies have been bad these last few days so I've kept him on Benedryl and that keeps him happier.

Look at the soft, fuzzy baby hair! It is growing over his ears but I'm not ready to cut it yet!
Emma "made" her playhouse all by herself today. She had a great I think ya'll can tell!
We shared snack today--corn chips! Don't worry, I watched closely. Caleb sucked them until they became soggy. Emma would then announce, "Mess" and I would switch him for a new one! He had a great time and it was very peaceful--amazing for snack time!

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