Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Indy Zoo Trip

Andrea and Zeke took such a sweet picture by the flamingos that I thought I'd try it too!
Emma was in rotten terrible two form today. Never, I repeat NEVER, let your child wear crocs to the zoo. She wouldn't keep them on--and amazingly they both came home. She wouldn't walk, sit, cooperate--GRRRR! You can tell that I'm trying to smile and deal with her but "God, give me strength!" Please pray with me!
She's yelling NO in case you're wondering!
Hey, look she's walking! Yikes-- a lizard! The Desert is HOT!
Caleb and Zeke were good travelling buddies! Caleb slept through most of our visit--whoohoo! FYI--watch out their dolphin show is brutally "GREEN" --it was nauseating! I actually wrote a comment to the zoo when I got home--and I don't do that sort of thing!
Mommy's tired--and they are both asleep so I'm laying down for a bit! ZZZZ!

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Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

I know kids who keep their crocs on all day. I don't know how that happens. My kids have them off in about 30 seconds.