Thursday, June 5, 2008

The princess upon her throne...

Here is the princess upon her throne. She was having such a good time playing in her dress that we didn't take it off for a potty break. Don't worry--I helped--no wet hemlines! HA ha!

You may note that the poor child has no privacy but hey--neither does Mom, so that's life for now! I was actually commenting to Darren that I have decided that each evening I should get an alone potty break. This means door closed and no clamoring either. He has to keep them from pounding on the door, putting little fingers and eyeballs below the door, and calling to me, "Hello? MomEEEE--you there?" I know, there may be the blessed few out there who have never experienced such a phenomenal loss of privacy but well, it happens. Someday, I tell myself, I will doodle alone without Emma sneaking in to hide from "K-wub". Someday, I will shower alone without a chubby little son ripping the curtain back to shriek at me. Someday, they will grow up. So, I will enjoy today and all it's wild craziness. These are good times. I "pwifacy!"

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