Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summer Luvin'

We went and bought a cheap wadding pool at Walmart last weekend and it has been hilarious fun. Caleb doesn't like to be in it--too cold I think--but he reaches over the edge and splashes periodically! He shrieks and then she shrieks--it is so funny! She lifts the bucket and dumps it on herself! Of course, there are the sudden trips to the potty (wet bottoms scampering across the floors), gallons of sunscreen (check out Avon's aerosol bug and sun), and the millionth, "Be careful not to splash your brother" but overall--great times.
Isn't this the cutest dude! Awww! He is such a smiley little bugger. I could just eat him up! His skin is looking so good too! Yeah for a good allergist!
Here's my blond bathing beauty bombshell! Woohooo!

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Anonymous said...

Our two beautiful grandchildren look like they are enjoing the day.

Love Grandma and Grandpa Wells