Sunday, August 31, 2008

Emma's Haircut!

Emma's hair has really grown these past few months. It constantly gets in her eyes and she doesn't like me messing with it so, we got it cut! She had to sit on two booster seats at Great Clips. She loved looking at herself in the mirror! Stephanie usually does my hair--and she's great! Emma loved her! They even give you a special book that the first clippings go into! Neato!

(long and crooked bangs via Mommy)
It is "stacked" in the back and longer to the chin!

Look at all that blond fluff on the floor! She looks so cute and chipper with this cut. It sooo fits her little personality! Everyone at church today just loved it!


Pastor D said...

Now she's a grown up girl! Too old for grandpa to practice haircuts on.

Beckie Farrant said...

I am loving her stacked doo. SOOOOO CUTE!