Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hot Autumn!

We're having a humid heat wave in Indiana! Darren found the sprinkler, when he was cleaning out the garage, and thought the kids would enjoy running through the sprinkler. Nope, turns out that only we thought that was fun as kids. They both freaked out and started crying. Then they refused to go anywhere near it. As you can see, Darren tried to demonstrate proper sprinkler fun technique but they didn't buy it. In the end, he got the wading pool out and they enjoyed their time splashing about in it! Low tech fun!

The water was cold!

He was thinking about pulling his pants off. Look at that cute baby belly! Awwww!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun way to cool off. Maybe they will like it better next summer. Emma looks cute with new hairdo and Caleb is a handsome little boy too. Give them a kiss from Grandma and Grandpa W.