Friday, October 24, 2008

Nana stickers, sterilite smiles and pillowbags!

Every week my kids get stickers from her weekly letter. As you can see, this is great fun...especially when you can help your brother stick them all over himself! I love these pictures of pudgy fingers and drooly chins!

Emma decided Daddy's pillowcase was a soft sleeping we dubbed it the pillowbag for the day. It is now back on the bed...some things just don't need to become habits.

MomE organized all the toys into smaller sterilite containers. We rediscovered so many toys but they didn't want to play with them...nope...they wanted play in the big ole sterilite box. They played in there for hours!
Thanks to everyone who prayed for my Grandma...the kid's Nana. She is recovering at home from her recent heart attack scare.

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Carmel said...

What more could you ask for than a couple of cutie blonde kiddos doing what kids do best.... playing with empty boxes. : ) Why do we even bother with toys?