Monday, May 24, 2010

Mama Mia and Golden Scoop Dreams...

I love Friday's...for many of which is the homemade PIZZA!
It's so much fun...and such a good time with the kids. Generally, DadE is on his way home as we make it...and so I never have pictures...but he came home early last week...and took some special pictures for me.
Lubby tends to eat his toppings faster than he puts them on his pizza. He tries to tell me they are defective so they need to be eaten..."dis one's ripped MomE...I eat it!"
Hmmm....what are they cooking up? In the sink???
This year's ice cream competition winner?? What do you it possible...two years in a row!? I've so enjoyed having the "golden scoop" on our bookshelf. Hehehe!

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