Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pumpkin Playdoh and Autumnal Papers...

Today we made pumpkin playdoh.  I do love my playdoh recipe*...given to me while student teaching.  Now, I'd like a list of no fail color directions.  I try to follow the directions on the back of the color box...*sigh*...Today's pale pumpkin is an adaptation of the Neon Apricot directions....
The really important people (Lubby and Emmer-bean) were pleased with the outcome!

We were sent a whole packet FULL of autumnal papers...from Grams.  It was a nice surprise!!
Lubbers in getting the hang of this cookie cutter thing.  He oughta be great slave labor help by Christmas cookie time!!
Emmer-bean was crackin' me up.  She was frosting her pumpkin cake...and singing.  Too cute!!!
"Oh Calub...leaves can be any color.  You don't need the red...make a purple one!"  "Emmuh, apples is red!  I need the red!!"
If you look very closely you can see the face he carved into this...Sorry..I couldn't make it come out any clearer!  He sure was concentrating.  Check out the eyelashes on the cutie!
Emmer found a solution the no "handle" problem.
*Playdoh Recipe:  3 cups flour, 1 1/2 cups salt, 3 cups water, 3 t. cream of tartar, 4 T oil, Food color.  Mix together on low heat...until it becomes playdoh. 

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nannykim said...

We used to do this when my kiddos were little. I love the orange color!