Monday, October 11, 2010

Annual College Buddies Get-together!

We had yet another FABULOUS annual FALL get-together in Cinci!  Our friends invited us to their lovely home...and made lots of yummy food.  Venison stew...melted in your mouth!  Yummo!!
Our children are only a few months apart in age.  It was interesting to see that the girls and boys split up...even though their ages are that of their siblings.  My 5 year old and their 3 year old were purple twins!  Totally a coincidence too!
It was a WARM and BRIGHT day!  Have you noticed?  Emmer-bean does not like the sun in her face!
Here are our cuties...and B's brother and his adorable twins.  They were totally succulent and sweet!!
Mrs. M. gave the kids goodie bags...which included pumpkin straws (aka whistles).  It was deafening!
Here's one of my pumpkins...on a pumpkin!
Here we are with our two BIG carving pumpkins.
Emmer-bean was brave and got her face painted this year.  A cute little candy corn flower.  Awww!
Lubby-man loved this HUGE tractor!!

Here's my other pumpkin...trying to pick her pumpkin.  Man, they are heavier than they look!
We played "stick the eye on the ghost!"  It was hilarious!
It was a good time.  Perhaps the best thing about it...was watching our guys sit around and talk in their own special language.  To hear them share chem. stories with each ways that we as their wives would never understand...was totally worth the LONG trip!

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took your advice. hope i don't blow it. :-)