Friday, November 19, 2010

Library Winner...Chicken Dinner!

Emma entered the library coloring contest...sort of on a whim one library morning...and she WON!  She got a cute certificate and Christmas book.  It's a seek and find book...and she has kindly shared with her little brother.  She DID find them all herself as to have the advantage of "helping" him when he can't find them quickly!  HA!
And yes, they actually are having baked chicken for dinner...cuz MomE and DadE are going on a date!  We get chocolate fondue...yup, it's tuff to be a kid!


nannykim said...

What a cutie. She looks so much like you!! I love those books!

e-Mom said...

Chocolate Fondue, eh? I'm guessing you went to The Melting Pot? How fun... I keep trying to get us there. Maybe over the colder months. (Can't seem to drag e-Dad away from Mexican food.)

Congratulations on winning the coloring contest, Emma!