Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Teaching Little Ones to Organize...

It was WAY past time to hoe out the kid's rooms.  They were overflowing with stuff...and no one was playing effectively with any of it.  Okay, and I'll admit that I caught a few episodes of Hoarders on Netflix and totally got freaked out.  I'm determined to teach some of my mad organizational skillz to my offspring.  Hahaha!  I also really want to teach them that their value is not in STUFF...it's in God's love for them!!

So, I had Emmer-bean spread out all of her purses/bags/totes.  I told her she could choose 12 to keep...and the rest were "going to the babies."  That's a term she came up with when she "mailed" her pacies "to the babies" a few years back.
She was very happy to have her dress up clothes in one tub, her accessories (wands, crowns, shoes) in another, and her purses... all separated.
Mr. Lubby-de-rotten-cuteness...helped sort the play food from the play dishes.  They are having a good time with that all sorted.  They each were wearing an apron and making a "feast" when last I check on them.
Emmer made her bed, and we got rid of all her baby blankets except a select, handmade few that she can use with her babies.  Now they all fit nicely in her basket.
Lubby helped make his bed...it's still quite the work out for him...so MomE helps so he doesn't get discouraged and give up.  Then we "parked" his trucks around the room...and put them into containers.
Then, MomE vacuumed...and what could possibly be more fun than using a pie server to draw a "bobot" in the carpet fibers.  Serious funtimes people!!!
Soon, I'm going to tackle the books...they need to be organized...again.  Overall, it was a successful day...no one cried...not even MomE!


Anonymous said...

If YOU didn't cry, it was a success. Remember some of those hoe out days we had!?!?! That was when I discovered where all my scarves were! Love you, Mom D.

Beverly said...

There must be something in the air... Charity and I are both in the clearing-out/organizing mood. Actually, I think that Charity
lives in that realm...she is often purging and organizing and rearranging. It is easy to let our stuff control us rather than us controlling the stuff. And as you found out, we can forget what we have...cleaning out reveals "new" delights. I love how you let Emma choose a certain number of purses/bags to keep. By the way, I LOVE the gutter shelves! Aunt Bev

nannykim said...

It feels good to do this! Oh , your header is so cute and colorful!