Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thankful for...

I'm thankful for the coloring sheets their great grandmother sent a few weeks back.  They are still enjoying coloring them.  Emmer-bean colors the apples and then Lubby-man gets to "eat" them!
 Here is our THANKFUL wall of delightfulness...see, turkeys...see Emmer-bean's tribute to the sole remaining anole/lizard, Guacamole.  She is thankful for him!  She put it right up against the glass of his aquarium...and he freaked we hung it here, instead.
I made "thankful hand turkeys" with the kids...and had them tell me things they were thankful you can tell...I did NO prompting...and therefore, MOME is not on the list!
 His says...I'm thankful for...animal crackers, fire trucks, cars, school buses, garbage trucks, christmas trees, diggers, dump trucks, and airplanes.
Her's says...I'm thankful for...grandma's, lizards, flowers, grandpa's, princesses, butterflies, pencils, presents, and markers.

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nannykim said...

My daughter does one big turkey and each day at each meal (or at least at supper) they individually tell one thing they are thankful for. gets tons of feathers and then on or near Thanksgiving they read them again.