Monday, April 4, 2011

Grands Packed...

There are times that I worry about the lapses in time between Grands visits.  But, between last week and this weekend...we're Grands Packed around here!  The kids are loving it!!
It's been pretty warm too....So we even went out for Dairy Queen dessert...
We almost froze Grandma and Grandpa...and had to eat our ice cream in the van with the heat on...haha!
Bedtime story time was extra special!!
I might have gotten two hours of sleep at the Teen Sleepover...maybe.  I took a nap...but my brain was still missing major synapse jumps on Sunday!  HA!  But, at least I remembered to take pictures.  It's yet another time I've been thankful that I'm not a procrastinator...I had cleaned and planned meals it required minimal brain work later.

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