Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Evangelistic Opportunities!

And yes, I'm going to answer the burning question I've been asked multiple times this weekend.
Your kids go trick or treating?
My kids do go trick or treating. After some prayer and consideration we decided that it would be effectively slamming the door on any evangelistic attempts with our neighbors to turn off our lights and pretend we aren't home. We pass out candy bags and tracks (cute ones)...and we get to know our neighbors.

We've even had some great conversations. Some were shocked we let the kids go, too...they said, "Aren't you religious?" That was a great opportunity to say that we aren't religious...we have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ...and "please, let me tell you what that means."

 We've built friendships...and they come to us with their prayer requests...cuz they know we pray...and that we believe in prayer. How neat is that? It makes me soooo happy that I open my mouth and ask how they are...and take the time to listen to their problems...and tell them about the power of prayer in my life because of my ALL POWERFUL GOD.

I do have opportunities to express my concerns with Halloween (evil, Satan, scary, etc.) but I have countless more opportunities to share about Jesus Christ. Remember, it's like I said last week...

When talking with sinners the issue is not their present sin but their need of a Savior!

~Reposted from 2009

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