Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Perfect Timing...

Lately, I've been holding on with my fingernails around here.  It is great to be reminded that God's timing is perfect...even in the form of packages from Great Grams and Grand Aunt Cindy!!
Stickers and Silly songs and books came one day....and more books and games came the next!  WOW!
We played quite the rousing game of Zingo tonight.  EVERYONE really got into it!!
It's sort of like BINGO but with tiles.  It's good practice for our word recognition, etc.
I was surprised...they were pretty kind to each other throughout!
Lucky Ducky girl won a lot.  She must get that from her DadE!  He usually skunks us all when he's playing.
It took Lubby a long time to finally win...and when he did FINALLY...it was a double ZINGO!
And God's blessings kept right on coming today.  The HighFive Magazine came today...so they snuggled up tonight and read together....
...all snugly...
...and sweet!
God is good to us!  Thanks to those of you who've sent us goodies to get us through...We feel your love...and God has used you to lift me up!

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Pastor D said...

I'm praying for you everyday! God bless you and keep you.

DadD :-)