Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Update...with pictures!

Sorry for the lack of blogs...I keep forgetting my camera and then not wanting to post about things that I don't have pictures to illustrate.  Here are a few I shot off to give ya'll an update...

Scruffy had an infection and was feeling ill.  We took her to the vet and got her $$meds...and now she is feeling frisky and her ole puppy self.  She is also hungry ALL.THE.TIME.  See?  This is her adorable cocked head sayin'..."Feed me."
Emmer-bean writes and writes...and colors some more.  When she's not doing that, she's playing ponies in her new castle upstairs!
Lubby...I cannot get a picture of him with his eyes open today.  Yup, we are definitely related!  He has a new race track...that I'm making him keep in his room...cuz he's shooting cars under all the furniture.
His new and cool cars (and not enough car carrier space) means that I live a treacherous life!
These four are in the top running, right now.  The ice cream truck was accidentally left at Grandma's house...and oh, the reunion was adorable.  His long lost friend hardly ever leaves his fingers...except to be set on the coffee table.  Grrr...WHY?  Why does it have to be the focal point of the room is where they want to set their junk and toys??
Well, at least it's cute junk...that says that I'm a MomE and loving it...right??

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Pastor D said...

Glad the pup is feeling better! Might have been everything she ate - or something she got into under the porch.